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Naalala niyo pa ba si Chacha Canete? Talagang napakaganda niya na pala ngayon

When Cha-Cha Caete was just a small, lovely tot, and every bit the precocious child, she burst into public consciousness.

She was a chubby four-year-old girl in a real-estate TV commercial, emphasizing that one does not have to live in cramped quarters when larger homes are available without breaking the budget.

Cha-Cha was a staple of the defunct children’s show Goin’ Bulilit and has appeared in a number of films and other shows. She also appeared in other ads.

Despite the passage of time and the maturation of her listeners, Cha-enthusiasm Cha’s for singing has remained constant.

In her latest single, “Agwat,” the child who used to line up her teddy bears before performing and who repeated her songs when family members gave her a standing ovation in the middle of her performance now sings of love.

The Jungee Marcelo piece, with its theme of love found and lost, may be too soon for Cha-Cha, who is only 16 years old and may be encountering passion for the first time.

Regardless of Cha-age, Cha’s Marcelo realizes that she has all the makings of a great vocalist.

She reminds him of a “well-bred race horse,” he says. She is aware of her power, but she manages to keep it in check.

She isn’t like some of her peers in that she doesn’t just sing freely.

For those who remember Cha-Cha as a brilliantly smiling little child in Going Bulilit, this new look of her may take some getting accustomed to.

“That image is forever etched in their memory,” acknowledging she may have to work harder to prove herself as a serious singer.”
she says,

“It wasn’t difficult to transition from being in Bulilit to a recording artist.

“When I was a child performer, I was happy to bring smiles to people who saw or watched me. There was love and support.

“As I am now in my teens, people still remember that child and I am still receiving the positive vibes despite having been away for years.

“I am part of their good memories, I guess.”

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