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Kilalanin ang pilotong anak ni Kuya Kim na agaw pansin ngayon sa netizens!

Kim Atienza, a TV personality, is a pleased parent after his son Jose obtained his pilot’s license.

Kuya Kim, the host of “Matanglawin,” released photos of Jose completing his first solo flight on Instagram.

Jose, the eldest of Atienza’s three children, attends the Leading Edge International Aviation Academy in La Union as a student pilot.

“Congratulations on your wings my PILOT Jose!” Atienza wrote on Monday. “Mama and I are so proud of you! You are truly a blessing. Always remember THE pilot, the source of all, as you fly His great skies! I love you dear dear son! Praise Jesus for you!”

In a subsequent post, Atienza continued depicting a contrast of Jose in his earlier years and now, wearing his pilot uniform, “I’m still stoked. My little boy is now a pilot. Sorry for the humblebrag friends but papa just can’t help it. Love you Jose!”

Jose completed flying school last year, in the year 2020.

Before the COVID-19 epidemic compelled everyone to stay in their homes, he also flew solo for the first time in 2019.

Jose’s graduation date was scheduled for May 29, 2020.

Jose decided to thank his father by sending him a letter of gratitude to commemorate the event.

Part of his letter was published as written, with the following excerpt:


“Today is my graduation day. Although the day is going to be nowhere near what I expected it to be, it’s gotten me to reflect on who has gotten me to this point.

“From my childhood, to my middle school days and up to this day, you’ve shown me how far genuine compassion for others can take an individual.

“Just as Mark 12:31 writes, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’

“You’ve ingrained in me a want to help those not as fortunate.

“To show compassion for others is to show respect for yourself, and it’s because of you that I can live by that statement.

“I’m grateful for that.”

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