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Sino itong sikat na artistang babae na kina-iinggitan ng lahat matapos makapangasawa ng gwapong foreigner

Being a celebrity sure is fun. You get to earn a huge sum of money while doing what you love. It’s all fun and excitement until the world starts to interfere with your personal life.

It is probably the reason why most celebrities chose to keep things low until they already feel comfortable in sharing their personal lives with the world.

Roxanne Barcelo is one of the celebrities who chose to keep it ‘low-key’ until recently. The singer actress is now more open in sharing her life with her foreigner husband on social media.

In fact, on January 11, Roxanne shared a sweet photo of them taken on their museum date. The actres penned the words, “Our love is the sweet spot of being.”

Aside from her most recent post, Roxanne also made everyone giggle with her New Year post.

The singer actress took to Instagram on the first day of 2022 to greet everyone a happy new year and also to express how grateful she is for being able to find the right person for her.

She wrote, “Happy New Year everybody!!!!

“Thank you, my mahal, for holding my hand and dancing through life with me! You are the moon to my river and the whirl to my wind.

“W? quánx?nquányì de ài n? [I love you wholeheartedly]! Cheers to the rest of our lives together.”

Despite sharing their relationship openly on Instagram, Roxanne is still keeping things low-key as she chose not to tag her foreigner husband on her post. On top of that, she also closed the comment section to protect her and her husband’s private life.

Currently, Roxanne is staying in California with her husband. Her husband who was originally staying in Hong Kong and Taiwan, is now based in California.

On a separate post, Roxanne expressed how glad she is that their son finally spent the holidays with her husband’s family.

Funny thing about Roxanne is the fact that she calls her little family #ThePandaFamily, claiming that her husband has always loved pandas since he was little.

In one of Roxanne’s vlog, she shared that her husband once gave her a panda stuffed toy. Jiggs being the thoughtful person that he is, told her that she’s giving her the panda stuffed toy so that she can still feel his presence even if they aren’t together.