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Tunay Na Dahilan Sa Biglaang Pagkamatay Ng Dating Asawa Ni Jose Manalo

On January 14, 2022, Jose Manalo’s estranged wife Anna Lyn S. Manalo passed away.

The heartbreaking news was shared on social media by their daughter, Myki Manalo.

On her Facebook account, Dr. Manalo shared that her mom already passed and that they will be hosting an intimate memorial service for her.

“Our beloved Anna Lyn S. Manalo moved on from this world earlier today, January 14, 2022,” Myki wrote on her post on Facebook.

“With sadness in our hearts, we find solace in knowing that she is in a better place,” she added. “She is survived by her five children, Sherwin Nicco, Don Benjamin, Myki, Ai, and Colyn.”

Myki said their family plans to “host an intimate and dignified memorial service once everything has been arranged.”

Everyone was saddened by the shocking news and people started sending their condolences.

On a separate post, Myki Manalo paid tribute to her mom by sharing a throwback photo of her with her late mom with a message, “You were a frustrated singer, Mommy. I remember you practicing this song again and again when I was younger.”

“No matter the circumstances, you have always been the wind beneath my wings. Watch over me. Embrace me this way, Mommy,” she added.

“These photos are how I want to remember you. You loved me in the only way you knew how. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still love. Thank you for giving me life,” she wrote.

She then ended the post by expressing her gratefulness towards her mom.

Aside from Myki Manalo, her brothers Nicco and Benj Manalo also took to social media to pay tributes to their mom.

Nicco Manalo marked his mom’s death by posting a plain black photo on his Instagram account with a caption “Jan 14 20220.”

Meanwhile, the FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actor mourned his mother’s death. On his Instagram account, Benj Manalo posted a photo of him hugging his mom’s urn. Aside from that, he also paid tribute during his mom’s wake.

“Dear mommy, thank you for everything, thank you for all the life lessons you’ve shown us. [This] week was a [roller coaster] ride but it ended up in full restoration. Love, hope, peace, joy, sadness and family,” he said.

“You are a testimony to us, [a] testimony of God’s love to His children. We are saddened that you [had to go] through all of those but we are happy that you are now in His kingdom,” he told his mother. “You may sing and dance now and enjoy eternal life with God. You will be missed by your children, your sisters and everyone who loves you.”

“Thank you for leading this family. I love you so much mommy. We love you. Rest now mom,” he addressed his mother.

Despite all the news about Anna Lyn’s sudden passing, no one mentioned the real cause of her death. Not a single one of her children mentioned as to what took her life and not even a single word was heard from Jose Manalo.

Jose Manalo and Anna Lyn Manalo have four children named Benj, Myki, Ai, and Niccolo. They have separated remained estranged until Anna Lyn’s passing.