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This Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With His Hilarious Facial Expressions Despite His Problem

Rexie is surely a cat you can’t look away. Being treated badly by his previous owners made him paralyzed. The 3-year-old cat has a broken backbone and can’t control his two back legs. However, he had learned to live his life ‘normally’ without caring much about his condition. “He doesn’t even know he’s handicapped,” Dasha shared. “He does all the things other cats do. Only he’s unable to use the toilet or scratch his ears on his own. But that’s what his human is for!” The cat seems really playful, still. Also, he’s gifted with a very expressive face that’d make you go aww for sure.

Dasha adopted the kitty after he was rescued and their bond remained strong ever since. She devoted her time to make Rexie’s life more managable. At first, she got Rexie a custom wheelchair to help him move around more easily, but it didn’t really worked. “He does way much better without [it.] Cats are very independent and adjust perfectly. Rexie is more mobile and comfortable walking and running on his two feet.”

Rexie is a living reminder to us that our life doesn’t have to be miserable even if we are broken, physically or mentally. Like the cat who doesn’t even know he’s disabled, adjusting your viewpoint may benefit you in the long run. Now scroll down to see our hero, you lovely stranger!

Rexie is handicapped but it by no means stops him from being awesome!