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10+ Discoveries You Make When You Get A Cat

If you have a cat then we’re sure you’ve been to hell and back for all the troubles it caused. Cats are very hard to read, as their actions are sometimes… random themselves. Before your relationship with the kitty finally becomes rewarding, here are 10+ things you just have to accept while bearing the devil.

#1 You don’t get to adopt a cat. Life isn’t Pokemon. Your cat adopts you instead.

#2 You’ll have the habit of taking a photo of every step they take. As your cat grows older, you may want to keep track of how they’ve grown and the memories you’ve shared.

#3 However, the photos are not always cute. You sometimes see a demon instead.

#4 They throw at you that look of distrust.

#5 Seeing a cat on a table is just awesome. It’s like cat.exe is now cat.zip.

#6 They stare into the air as if they’re seeing something you can’t see.

#7 They destroy your furniture.

#8 Getting them to the vet is never easy.

#9 They’ll be there to stop you from using your laptop or reading books.

#10 Your cat’s dilated pupils indicate that they’re angry, and you should eff off.

#11 Your cat is always eager to go on a trip with you.

#12 They don’t wanna miss anything in sight.

#13 They just love toilet paper.

#14 They’ll mess with you while you’re cleaning. It’s not always annoying, though.

#15 Your cat is the master of hide and seek. Check some unexpected spots in case he went ‘missing’.