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10+ Cats Who Just Can’t Cat Today

Just like us, cats have their ups and downs. And they just don’t bother to hide it when they’re feeling low.

#1 “You know. Things got really tough these days.”

#2 “What are you waiting for? Get the wine!”

#3 “How about you let me enjoy my wine without that darn camera?”

#4 “Can’t believe she’s with that guy. Drink with me, mate.”

#5 “Drinking won’t solve my problem.”

#6 “What do you mean I’m drunk?”

#7 “My life maybe ruined, but at least my cup isn’t.”

#8 “What? I thought it was for me?”

#9 “You know these hoes keep buggin’ my man and I’m actually insecure.”

#10 “Less chit chat. More wine, please.”

#11 “This is all I need in this darn life.”

#12 “The only purrfect thing today.”

#13 “My boss was really rude to me. I’m gonna pee on his laptop tomorrow. Bastard.”

#14 “The wine doesn’t hit me as hard as she did…”

#15 “Now where’ the food? I’ve been waiting all day for this”.

#16 “I can’t believe my owner go to the bathroom without me.”

#17 “I’m gonna go all in tonight.”