Home Cuteness 10+ Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Prove They Are Liquid

10+ Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Prove They Are Liquid

You may have learned Physics, but do you know cat physics? They can just bend to any form they desire, allowing them to fit in to almost anything. Cats have a motto “If it fits, I sits”, and that comes from their amazing ability to shape-shift. Scroll down to see them put that talent into action and tell us your favorite in the comments!

#1 Our Cute Cat Loves It’s Fish Bowl

#2 Laziest Cat Ever

#3 My Friend’s Cat Climbed Into A Plastic Flower Pot

#4 A Bowl Of Flour

#5 I Think Your Cheese Stick Is Melting

#6 A Catpuccino

#7 Update: Feline Continues To Seek Fully Liquid State

#8 You Both Can’t Fit… Oh, I Forgot Cats Were Liquid

#9 Indisputable Proof That Cats Are Liquid

#10 I’ll Have A Glass Of…

#11 I Fits I Sits Junior Edition

#12 Meet Blimp Kitty. I Took This When I Was Walking Around My Neighborhood In Boston. Two Seconds After I Took The Photo It Moved And Looked Totally Normal. So Strange

#13 It’s So Hot, Even The Cat Has Melted

#14 Waterfall Kitty

#15 My Sink Is Clogged

#16 Both Solid And Liquid

#17 A Liquid Has No Fixed Shape Therefore It Takes The Shape Of Any Container

#18 Purrretzels

#19 Overflowing Pussy