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Real Life Romance: Two Cats Fell In Love Through Windows, And A Date Was Set Up For Them

Recently Twitter world was warmed up by a little romantic story. A Twitter user “Mac” posted an adorable picture of her cat (named Simon) looking through the window at another cat in the opposite building.

“My cat Simon is in LOVE with my neighbor’s cat and waits all day for him. Will keep y’all updated.” – Mac said.

This little piece of romance was spread around Twitter and probably is better than any romantic movie you’ve even seen in life.

Image credits: kenziecoffman

So the whole story was Mackenzie – the owner, tweeted some pictures of her cat Simon, whom Mackenzie believed that is pretty much in love with the cat in the opposite building. Simon was shown quite eagerly and inquisitively looking over the window. Mackenzie decided to take the first step for her cat as she made a sign and put it on her window said “What is your cat’s name? Love, Simon.”

Image credits: kenziecoffman

Not long after that, Theo responded. “Hi Simon, I’m Theo. *You’re my best friend.” It was cute in a way that the grammar isn’t quite strong, but this made Simon was even more excited to see his new neighbor (or his newfound love).

Image credits: kenziecoffman

Mackenzie kept updating Twitter on her cat’s story.

Image credits: kenziecoffman

Image credits: kenziecoffman

Image credits: kenziecoffman

Mackenzie’s Twitter thread exploded and amassed thousands of likes and retweets. Simon even made a notice to Theo that they went viral on Twitter. As a response, Theo even sent a cute apologize for the previous grammar mistake, it said “After all, I’m a cat.”

Image credits: kenziecoffman

As the excitement was getting bigger and bigger, Mackenzie and her neighbor came to a decision that it was time for their cats to meet.

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Probably it’s Mackenzie’s wildest dream ever when see have to update for everyone on her Twitter about a date which is not even hers.

Image credits: lovesimoncat

Simon was as anxious as us, humans when it comes to meet the special person who we have been waiting for.

“1 hour! Waiting by the front door.” – Simon “tweeted”.

The Twitter community was holding its breath. And finally the special moment came.

Image credits: kenziecoffman

When Simon came to Theo’s house and the two rascals finally met each other, Simon was as nervous as Theo when Theo came to Simon’s house.

Image credits: kenziecoffman

Theo apparently didn’t mind when Simon kept following him around as Simon was very into it. Well after all Theo said that Simon was his best friend first. And best friends do things together though.

Image credits: kenziecoffman

According to what Mackenzie updated on her Twitter, the date went pretty smoothly and people were looking forward for more Theo and Simon’s adventures. Hopefully we’ll have the chance to see more of Simon and Theo on their newly-acquired Twitter account.

Image credits: kenziecoffman

Looks like Simon liked Theo so much as he was unable to stop coming towards Theo, even in this family photo.

Too much cuteness that the Twitter’s reactions went crazy.

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More info: Mackenzie’s Twitter thread | Simon’s Twitter | Theo’s Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)