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20 Amazing Photos Of Freddie Mercury And His Cats

Unlike normal cat person, the Rock Star Freddie Mercury dedicate songs to his cats which is a very special way to express how much he loves his cats.

His love for cats was begun when Mercury’s girlfriend brought home for them a pair of cute cats in the 1970s and named them Tom and Jerry. According to multiple biographers, while Freddie was on tour with Queen, he had someone named Austin to look after the cats.

He really loves the cats as the fact that while he was away, he’d get to a hotel and he would really talk to his adorable cats. Mary – his girlfriend would hold Tom and Jerry in turn up to the receiver to Freddie talking. And this lovely action continued happening throughout the years.

According to some reports, the famous singer eventually hosted a total of 10 cats which are Tiffany, Dorothy, Delilah, Goliath, Lily, Miko, Oscar and Romeo. Mercury considered that his cats were his family and he made sure that each cat had his or her own Christmas stocking filled with treats and toys.

Freddie got at least two cats from a charity in the United Kingdom called The Blue Cross which takes care of sick animals, said Jacky Smith, the Official Queen Fan Club leader of 21 years.

One special thing that Freddie did for his cat Jerry was the dedicated his solo album, Mr. Bad Guy, as well as the rest of his brood at the time, and extended the note to “call the cat lovers across the universe.”

As his love for cat, in Freddie’s last portrait for Classic Queen CD insert, he wore a striking vest with hand-painted cats featured. He also wore it for his last video, These Are The Days Of Our Lives.

Delilah was the most famous feline of the Mercury cat family which adopted in late 1987. As the lyrics to her song state (and Freestone’s book confirms), she completely took over the house and pretty much did whatever she pleased. “She was a real character, that lady!” agreed Smith. “Delilah was just kind of funny.

Freddie always treated his cats like his own children and wanted to make sure that all of them were safe and well-taken care of.