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Tumblr User Has An Explanation For The Question: Why Cats Are Obsessed With Eating Bread

Freshly baked bread can tease your appetite better than the smell of anything on earth. But do you know that craving bread is not exclusive only to human? Turns out cats love sourdough too! We all know that cats are highly skilled predatory creatures. It is estimated by the scientists that with more than 70 million pet cats and over 60 million strays, they account for the killing of billions of wild animals each year.

Moreover, house cats’ instincts dictate them to put their skills into use given the opportunity, they don’t just kill for food.

It is noticed that these adorable kitties often react quite unusual if there’s any delicious bread in their sight. Take this cat who is from Russia for an example, he fought aggressively for a loaf of bread from his owner.

However, Boris is not the only cat who has strong craving for sourdough, many other cats has the same interest.

Tumblr users gathered some more evidence highlighting this strange behavior.

Turn out that the thing which attracts cats is the taste of yeast. It improves their appetites better than anything. So you should try to share with them next time, or don’t be surprise when your cat steals bread from a cupboard or sneaks in to steal our bagel.

Yeast is used heavily as a flavoring agent in many cat foods and treats. It is even used in some medication made for cats.