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Hero Husky Finds A Box Full Of Near-Dying Kittens In The Woods, Becomes Their New Mom

Let’s meet Banner, a service husky dog which has a golden heart. Banner not only helps her owner Whitney Braley with Whitney’s disability, Banner also has love and caring for other animals.

Whitney trained Banner to be alerted to PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, migraines, guidance work, momentum pull, medication retrieval, self-harm interruption and a few more,…

Together, Whitney and Banner has been rescuing other animals, and Banner always seems to be attached to kittens. Three years ago, Whitney found a baby kitten in a ditch, then Banner raised that kitty as her child. But that was the first time, Whitney and Banner had seen something like that.

What she found next is heartbreaking : a sealed cardboard box in the woods with 7 newborn kittens inside which barely a day old, and they were left freezing to death. Banner alerted Whitney to the place she found the kittens, and it was a very upsetting moment for Whitney. “It makes me sick that anyone could do that to these tiny innocent animals. It’s so cruel and heartless.” – Whitney said in a interview.

After the encounter with the poor kittens, Banner decided not to leave their sides and adopted them as her own. However, they cannot have all the 7 kittens, so that Whitney tried to find them a new true home. She said that the local shelter kills in three days, so she fostered the babies herself.

Meet Banner, the friendly neighbor Husky that is loved by everyone she meets.

Banner loves exploring with her owner Whitney and saving other animals.

Banner has a spectacular interest in kittens, as she is always attached to them.

One day, Banner found a cardboard box full of baby kittens were left to death.

Banner alerted to her owner and save the kittens.

She decided to raise the kittens as her own.

“I’m so happy that now because of Banner, these kittens will go on to live their lives with loving families. It warms my heart.” – Whitney, Banner’s owner, proudly talked about her dog.

Banner with one of the kittens she rescued.

The Internet totally fell for this story and to be honest, we don’t deserve either dogs or cats.