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20 Cats Who Are Addicted To Sunshine

It is not strange to see a cat rolling and enjoying itself under the sun. One thing cannot be denied is cats very love soaking themselves up the sun.

However, cats are not doing it to get more vitamin D. Their regular body temperature is higher than human’s which about 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

They have a very high metabolism and need a lot of energy to keep them warm. As soon as they see a spot of sun light, they immediately lie down and be appreciated the warmth from mother of nature.

The relationship between cats and the sun is special that it creates many amazing photos. Let’s take a look at these photos below to prove that what we said about kitties and the sun is real.

#1 Like she has just arrived from Heaven.

#2 Enjoy the sun.

#3 High by the sun.

#4 Rainbow cat.

#5 Majestic.

#6 Magic cat.

#7 This cat is definitely in Heaven.

#8 This is what magical looks like.

#9 Under the Moroccan sun.

#10 Appreciate one hint of sun light.

#11 High by the sun part 2.

#12 Whole family sun bathing.

#13 Cats vs Dogs and the Sun.

#14 Warm spot for the gang.

#15 She looks so happy with the sun.

#16 Dancing under the sun.

#17 Chillin’.

#18 Appreciation.

#19 Living its best life.

#20 “Am I tanned enough?”