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Raffy Tulfo is set to give veteran actor John Regala a hundred thousand pesos

A netizen sought help from Raffy Tulfo for veteran actor John Regala.

The delivery guy, named Carlo Marti Clariza, shared photos of the apparently ill John in an online post, showing the actor sitting on a streetside bench with a facemask on. Clariza wrote that John asked for his assistance because the latter was dizzy and couldn’t find his nurse.

“Nahihilo at utal na po magsalita,” says the person who found him.

Many hearts got broken over the current condition of Regala.

Accordingly, this condition is a late stage of scarring (fibrosis) of the liver. This is caused by many forms of liver dis34ses and conditions, such as hepatitis and chronic alcoholism.

Clariza said that despite he had to deliver something, he thought it best to stay with Regala until someone helped him out.

He even mentioned Raffy Tulfo in his post.

Apparently, Tulfo, as a famous philanthropist immediately responds.

In his program Raffy Tulfo in Action, Tulfo said that he is willing to help.

He will give Regala a hundred thousand pesos for the latter to start on his own.

According to Regala, he is now alone with no contact with his relatives.

“Wala na rin akong mga kamag-anak. magmula nung mamatay yung nanay, tinakwil na rin ako ng mga kamag-anak ko,” he said.

After Clariza’s post became viral, many kind-hearted netizens also extend their help for the actor.

Some netizens also share photos of them with Regala who is now admitted to a hospital.

BemEdz Santillan Torres, good samaritan netizen extends her help through sharing a post.

She also seeks help from Regala’s co-celebrities, she even mentions that Regala is now on dextrose and had a difficult time speaking.

However, Raffy Tulfo is on his way to help Regala.

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