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Matteo Guidicelli, Bakit Kaya Napa-Sorry kay Julia Barretto?

Three weeks after their wedding, it seems like celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli are adjusting well to their lives as newlyweds. Ever since their wedding last February 20, the couple has always been spotted together in public. It is evident from Sarah and Matteo’s face that they are truly enjoying their life as newlyweds!

For celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli, all seemed well in their life as husband and wife. Even though they were off to a rocky start, with Sarah’s Mommy Divine intervening on their wedding, the newlyweds seemed to be enjoying their new journey as a couple.

Recently, the couple visited Dra. Vicki Belo’s clinic to undergo treatments. Matteo went through a non-invasive scalp treatment to prevent early hair loss. Sarah, on the other hand, wanted to try the new glass skin facial offered by Belo Clinic.

“I will try the glass skin facial kasi sobrang galing na endorser ni Julia. Parang gusto kong maging kamukha si Julia,” Sarah said jokingly. As you may well know, Julia Barretto is currently the face of Belo’s newest glass skin treatment. But it seems like Sarah doesn’t need it.

After Sarah said that she would like to try the new glass skin treatment, her husband had an answer. Matteo greeted Julia, who recently celebrated her 23rd birthday. But after that, Matteo also apologized to the Star Magic actress by saying: “Sorry, Sarah is the most beautiful.”

Many netizens had the ‘kilig’ vibes when Matteo said that. Indeed, it seems like the groom is truly in love with his new wife. Some netizens are even joking that Matteo is truly smitten with his wife. For sure, many fans are looking forward to seeing what’s in store in their relationship.

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