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“Akala ko nga dead na”- Anabelle Rama, Emosyonal Habang Inaalala nang Manganib ang Buhay ni Ruffa

From the very start, the public has witnessed Anabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez’s feud. Sometimes, the mother won’t approve of her daughter’s choices in relationship. In spite of that, they stay close to one another. As a matter of fact, Ruffa herself admitted that she’s very dependent on her mother. And while they may not agree on some things, Ruffa and Anabelle always got each other’s back.

Just like any good mother, Annabelle only wanted the best for her daughter. That’s why when Ruffa got sick way back in 2016, the family matriarch almost fainted. During a press conference for their reality show “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez,” Annabelle opened up about Ruffa’s terrifying experience.

“Basta ganung topic talaga, maski sa bahay kami, umiiyak talaga ako. Maski sa simbahan, kapag naalala ko si Ruffa, di ko talaga matiis,” says Annabelle Rama. According to her, one day, her daughter just fainted and lost consciousness for more than 5 minutes. During those moments, Annabelle thought of the worst.

“Sabi ng doctor, wala silang findings. Kaya sabi ko, pupunta tayo ng Singapore. Ipapa-check ko siya doon. Kasi ang pagkakakuwento sa akin ni Richard, ‘Mommy, it’s very scary.’ Sabi niya kasi, siya ang witness, e. Gusto niyang makatulong pero wala siyang magagawa. Kinakarga niya si Ruffa, ganyan lang siya, sabi niya wala na talaga. Akala ko nga dead na eh.”

Ruffa was rushed to the St. Luke’s Medical Center to receive immediate medical attention. While in the hospital, Annabelle asked the hospital staff to keep Ruffa’s condition confidential because she doesn’t want the press flocking in the hospital.

“As a mother kais, doon mo ma-realize pala na, kasi hate na hate ko siya, lagi kami magkaaway. Ma-realize mo kaagad na kapag wala pala siya, iba pala ang feeling pag actual na. Kaya napi-feel yun as a mother na mahirap pala mawalan ng anak, parang ganun eh,” added Annabelle.

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