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Ylona Garcia Claps Back Calmly But Classy To Bodyshamers Over ‘No bra’ Selfie

Ylona Garcia is known for being a ‘mahinhin’ since her stay in Pinoy Big Brother.

This teen age girl started young and her fans loved her for being a kind and loving girl.

But of course, we all have our own limitations specially when people provokes us.

This is what happened to Ylona Garcia when bashers came to her over her no bra selfie.

On her Instagram, Ylona uploaded a mirror selfie of her wearing a white sando. From the view, we can tell that Ylona obviously has no bra.

With this, it elicits different comments and reactions from the netizens. Some even bash her boobs.

They then described it as “hindi pantay” and “lawlaw.”

But instead of being mad or offended, Ylona had some knowledgeable and honest words for the bashers.

According to Ylona, the beauty standards of people are influenced depending on their age, culture, environment and time.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. But in my opinion, I feel sorry for them.

“Giving comments especially about a person’s physicality, they’re basically judging a person based on their own standards.

She went on saying, “If they cannot respect and appreciate God’s creation (including us, humans) then they’re just plain out disrespecting God.”

Similarly, Ylona wasn’t the first one who got bashed for a braless selfie. Recently, Julia Barretto was also criticized for her boobs.

Dra. Vicki came to defend her saying that it is really healthy and important to ‘let the boobs breathe.’

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