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Coleen Garcia share how Billy Crawford took care of her after she gave birth

Coleen Garcia reveals how responsible her husband Billy Crawford is.

After Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia officially became parents last September 10, Thursday, with the arrival of their first baby Amari while doing a water birth at home, Coleen give thanks to her husband.

She uploaded a photo that showed how hands-on her husband is after she gave birth.

It can be seen in the picture uploaded on Instagram that Billy was changing the diaper of his loving wife.

The viral photo was taken by Coleen a few moments after she and her partner finally welcomed baby Amari.

“For now, Billy has to change two people’s diapers,” she wrote

In the photos that the new mom shared, she can be seen in the birthing pool holding Amari. Billy is also present and is seen kissing her tenderly in a couple of photos.

The last two photos show Billy cradling their baby boy. Coleen’s beloved pet, Tamomo, is also captured looking at the new parents!

Meanwhile, Billy shared his initial thoughts after meeting his baby.

In his latest Instagram post, Billy wrote,

“Words can’t express what I’m feeling right now. Let me just say, thank You Father God for You have given us an angel! Also, bow and salute to you my strong, fearless, gorgeous, and loving wife! I have nothing but respect and gratitude for you!

I am SO PROUD to be your husband and equally proud to be the father of our beautiful angel Amari! I’m proud of YOU!


Before giving birth, Billy already can’t express in words the gratitude he feels for his beautiful wife and mom-to-be. He described Coleen as the “toughest and the strongest woman” he knows.

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