Home Entertainment Vegetables Vendor Turn Over Php 2.7M To Owner, Declines Money Reward

Vegetables Vendor Turn Over Php 2.7M To Owner, Declines Money Reward

In all the negativities around the world, there are still faith in humanity.

This woman will inspire you and move you down to your core as she teaches us a real life lesson. That is— kindness still exists.

If you have a strong trust issue to everyone, this story might change your perspective even a little bit.

So the story goes when a woman, a vegetable vendor in wet market returned a huge amount of Php 2.7 million to the real owner.

She is none other than Alice Baguitan from the home of Bagnet, Ilocos Norte.

Alice then told the whole story on how she found a bag full of cash.

According to her, she was having her meal in a known fast food restaurant when a girl suddenly sat down near her. She noticed that the another woman was carrying a Luis Vitton Speedy Bag.

Just a few moments later, the unknown woman suddenly went away as she responded to an emergency. With all the fussing, Alice noticed the bad left on her feet.

Luckily, Alice is a kind woman with care for her fellow citizens. It turns out that she overheard the conversation on where the woman was going.

She then returned the bag to the real owner who hugged her and thanked her for safely returning all the money.

But when the woman was offering her a reward, Alice declined as she believes that only God can return all the kindness she is doing.

Meanwhile, many netizens are touched with this story and praised Alice Baguitan for what she did.