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Kapuso teen actress Jillian Ward is willing to go on a date with a fan

Jillian Ward bravely answers the questions from her fans and followers.

When she first started acting like a 4-year-old kid, Jillian Ward thought show biz was just a game, and the set, her playground.

But now, as a 14-year-old young lady, she’s finally starting to see the industry and her career in a different light.

On her latest vlog, Jillian Ward revealed a few tidbits about herself.

It is by answering some questions from her fans and followers.Jillian’s younger sister chose from the questions sent to the Kapuso star on social media, and Jillian gamely answered, even the personal ones.

When one fan asked about her secret to glowing up, Jillian answered, “Physically siguro of course take care of your health, alagaan mo yung sarili mo, body mo, mag-work out ka if kailangan. Kumain ka ng mga tamang pagkain, whatever works for you that’s what matters.”

But Jillian added, saying a person should also “take care of [their] mental health.”

She then answers the question if what is her ideal man.

Jillian said her ideal man is someone who is kind-hearted, hard-working, respects others, and most especially himself.

According to her, she doesn’t just want these qualities from her ideal guy, but also from her friends.

Meanwhile, another question popped, it is about if she’s willing to go on a date with a fan.

Which she bravely answer by saying:

“Siguro po pag nasa tamang oras na. Hindi naman natin nako-control kung kanino tayo nagkakagusto, so why not? One day pag puwede na”

Jillian is one of the leading stars of the Kapuso drama series Prima Donnas.

She has been known to Kapuso viewers as one of the young heiresses being portrayed on the show.

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