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Derek Ramsay On Rumored Relationship With Ellen Adarna: “Hindi ba pwedeng kaibigan lang?”

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are in boiling waters right now. It is after some of their photos and videos sparked rumors about the relationship between them.

It all started when Ruffa Gutierrez uploaded photos and some short clips of Ellen and Derek on her Instagram stories.

The said photos and clips were taken during the dinner party that Derek actually hosted. According to the actor, it just so happen that he suddenly knew that Ellen is living near him.

So he decided to invite some of his friends to come over and had a dinner party.

Talking about the said photos and videos that are now circulating the internet, Ellen and Derek looks very close. No scratch that, they looked so clingy that time.

One photo showing the actress leaning on the actor’s arms while Derek seemingly kissing or sniffing her head.

But the most controversial video that made their fans asked them was when the two were talking so close at each other’s face.

Shortly after this, both Ellen and Derek denied the rumors that there is something romantic about them. While the one who uploaded these, Ruffa, kept mum about the issue.

As a matter of fact, the single mom even said that she has no interest with Derek as he is not her ideal man.

However, she was spotted again in the house of the actor just days after the rumors.

One Instagram user commented, “After mag-sawa si @ramsayderek07 kay @andreatorres, now si @maria.elena.adarna naman… How.”

This then was noticed by the actor and came to defend saying, “hindi ba pwedeng kaibigan lang?”

In short, Derek once again denied the issue saying that he and Ellen are just good friends.