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LOOK: Julia Barretto Spotted By Fan Page of Bea Alonzo And Dominic Roque Checking Out Their Account

Did Julia Barretto checked out the fan page of Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque on Instagram?

This is the big question of the fans of the rumored couple right now. It is after one of the admins noticed that Julia have browsed their Instagram story.

Since Bea and Dominic were spotted together traveling together, their fans have been eyeing for their moves to look for any clues. It is because they believe that Bea and Dom have something romantic between them.

Just recently, Dominic uploaded series of photos of him on Instagram. The photos were taken inside the BenCab Museum. In the comment section, he low key admitted that it was Bea who took these photos.

This then sparked ‘kilig’ to their fans and as a matter of fact, one of their fan page on Instagram with account name, beadom_shippers added it on their story.

Unexpectedly, when one admin who seemed to be checking out who viewed the said Instagram story, the official Instagram account of Julia Baretto appeared.

This was then taken a screenshot and uploaded on the same page. In the caption they wrote, “Uy guys tingnan niyo may naligaw [laughing emoji]”

It seems like that Julia viewed the story of their fan page. What she is doing there, though? Is she checking any updates about Bea’s love life status?

As we all know, she was the alleged third party why Gerald Anderson and Bea broke up.

What do you think? Is Julia lurking around the fan page of Bea and Dominic?