Home Entertainment Mariel Rodriguez proudly share that she now lost 30 pounds

Mariel Rodriguez proudly share that she now lost 30 pounds

Mariel Padilla seems ready for the summer.

As she proudly announces that she now lost 30 pounds.

Mariel gave birth to her youngest daughter Maria Gabriela, with husband Robin Padilla a year and almost a half ago.

Since then, the celebrity mom has been very vocal about how she’s aware that she had gained weight and also informed her followers and viewers that she will try to lose weight.

Previously, some netizens commented on her recent post telling her that she’s already “mataba”.

Mariel responded by saying that people should stop criticizing what’s already obvious. A lot of netizens also came to her defense saying she still beautiful despite her weight gain.

She says it felt like people were judging her and what her body became, and she’d even say no when people would ask to hang out with her.

But then, in her most recent photo, Mariel is now back on to shape.

On her Instagram, Mariel posted a photo of her wearing shades and a white top.

She captions her post by saying, “Yessssss…I lost 30lbs already!!! Yaaaaay!!! Still, a long way to go but getting there.”

Her photo looks like she already prepared for the upcoming summer.

And it so obvious that she’s now getting thinner unlike before.

Mariel shares that she is excited to wear her old clothes now that they fit again. She is ready to go out and about with the confidence of a queen.

Meanwhile, here are some netizens reactions towards her photo:

“Beautiful!!! Thats what I thought! Your recent photos really showed that you lost weight!!!! Hope you will show your tips on your vlog!”


“kala ko throwback pic from 10years ago, you’re stunning”

What can you say about Mariel’s fit figure?