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Andi Eigenmann To Philmar Alipayo: “My kids are very lucky to have you as their papa!”

Andi Eigenmann is so proud of having Philmar Alipayo as her partner in life.

As they go with their lives, Andi is just proving to us that she made the right choice. She may have left the showbiz behind, but she found the thing that really makes her happy.

After leaving the spotlights, Andi is now a loving and proud mol of three! Aside from them, she is also thankful for having Philmar Alipayo by her side.

The couple recently welcomed their second baby together, baby Koa. Their first born is Lilo while Ellie is the daughter of her from Jake Ejercito.

In their vlogs together, their fans have witnessed how loving and happy couple they are. They are living a simple yet joyful life in the Island.

Now that they are having a growing family, the former actress appreciates her partner even more. Philmar already proposed to Andi during their family trip in Batangas.

In a vlog that they uploaded showing their birth journey, the soon to be Mrs. Alipayo has wrote a letter for the surfer days before she gave birth.

The letted expresses how much she loves him and how Andi is in love with the fact of having him.
Part of the letter says, “My kids are very lucky to have you as their papa. I love you!”

Philmar read this letter while he was waiting for Andi and Koa who were at that time already in the delivery room. He silently read it and became emotional after knowing how thoughtful Andi is.

Meanwhile, their subscribers are in love on how they carry their relationship together as well as their family.