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Kakai Bautista, naiyak na lamang matapos itong gawin sa kanya ni Kuya Kim para sa actor na si Mario Maurer

Kim Atienza takes a swipe towards Thai actor Mario Maurer for claiming that Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo is a “fan” of hiim.

According to Maurer, he gives his full support to Rabiya after hearing the news.

“I heard that Rabiya is kind of a fan of mine, and I’m very happy to hear that.

“And, you know, I wish her good luck because I know she’s in the competition, so I wish [her] good luck.”

Atienza then commented, saying that Rabiya did not say anything about his admiration towards the actor, and even reminded him of how actress and comedienne Kakai Baustista was treated badly by him and his PR team.

No, Rabiya is not a fan of yours, Kakai was and how badly you and your PR team treated her. Just had to say that.”

Meanwhile, Kakai can not help but to feel overwhelmed when she heard that the Matanglawin host stood up for her against her issue with the international star.

“I love you Kuya. Naiyak ako. Pinagtanggol na naman n’ya ako.”

In her interview with GMA news, she expressed her gratitude towards Atienza, because it was rare to have someone speaking up for her publicly.

“I am overwhelmed and was teary-eyed when I read Kuya Kim’s comment sa article ng GMA News.

“Lumipas ang maraming taon, ngayon lang po ako nagkaroon ng mga vocal na tagapagtanggol about that issue.”


Last March, Maurer’s camp issued a letter with a subject: Demanding to Cease, Desist and Refrain from further use and reference of the name of Mario Maurer.

“Thus, we would like to confirm that all the statements made by Catherine ‘Kakai’ Bautista are hereby denied as the same are all false and untrue.

“By so using the name of our talent, Catherine ‘Kakai’ Bautista is improperly exploiting the name, image and reputation of Mario Maurer and his manager, and may be violating existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines and the Kingdom of Thailand.”

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