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Julia Barretto, bigla daw binura lahat ng bideo sa amang si Dennis Padilla sa Youtube channel nito

Julia Barretto and Dennis Padilla’s heart-to-heart vlog is now deleted on the actress’ Youtube channel, which surprised the fans.

This was after the two trended as they try to reconcile and fix their father and daughter relationship.

Up to date, Julia and Dennis hace no released any statement about it yet.


On the vlog, Dennis admitted that up until now, he is affected on Julia’s desire of changing her family name from Baldivia to Barretto.

According to Dennis, it was one of her most heart breaking moment as a father.

“Remember that issue na tinatanggal niyo yung family name ko? ‘Di ba, you went to court, you want to take off my family name? That was a dagger. Hindi lang dahil sa pangalan ‘yon, a. It’s not the pangalan itself. That’s my blood. Kaya masakit ‘yon. Kasi parang, ‘Ano pa ba gusto niyo? Barretto na nga dala mo sa screen, e, you are already well-known sa Barretto, bakit tatanggalin mo pa yung apelyido ko? Masakit sa akin ‘yon.”

To which Julia answered, “You have to understand, there was so much pain. There was so much fear. I mean, all is well and forgiven now, and I’m so glad that you have a good relationship with me, with Claui, with Leon, and with your kids now. So proud of you. I am so proud of you because I saw the change after your journey with COVID and I appreciate all our conversations now. Like everybody’s so much more humble, forgiving, understanding. I’m really proud of you. I want you to know that, that I’m proud of you. Because I saw the change of heart.”

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